Monday, August 30, 2010

Song(s) of the day: Pete Pike

Song(s) of the day (8/30/2010): Pete Pike

My musical crush in the early part of this new week is on Pete Pike (1929 - 2006).

These songs are really crisp and produced, but edged with nice amount of highish lonesomeness. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

Really, they're just a small batch of stand-up honky tonk songs by a stand-up performer who passed on without making making too huge of ripples in the world.

The ripples of the best things aren't usually too big though, are they?

Thanks for the fellows over at Lonesome Lefty's Scratchy Attic & Bopping for tipping me off to Pike (and originally posting these songs). Since we're talking stand-up things, make sure to check those guys out. They post extremely stand-up collections of very stand-up hillbilly music.

Aaaand enough with the stand-up garbage. It's just all good stuff. Check it out.

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