Monday, August 30, 2010

aesthetic luddite 3

Aesthetic Luddite is a "series" where I take then post photos of signs/typography I like. Mostly old stuff.

Taken at Bob Weber Auto Mart in Racine, WI.

My uncle—a true American greaser (slicked back, Brill Cremed hair & the whole nine yards) up until the moment the world let him go sometime in his lateish 70s or so—worked here forever. He always had some sweet ride. Or would get them for people to use, maybe for a wedding or something else special.

The place mainly looks like a dumpy car lot. But there are a few lingering old signs way up in the sky to announce the place from far away.

I hate cars. And all they stand for and do. But sometimes a classic is just a classic.


Eric said...

I like this photo theme. Very cool. You'd have a field day shooting stuff like this in Tucson!

berrylies said...

Thanks, Eric. You should do a southwest version of this project!