Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what is the difference between hornets and wasps?

A day with hands held high, much weight in them. Like climbing a mountain or hoisting a cross at Calvary. But not exactly or at all.

It was gutter work, plain and simple. Ripping out the old boards, eaten by vermin, moist heat and blistering cold working the paint away (the turpentine of time?), and putting up unwarped new ones, with traces of chemical green worked into them like vague tie-die.

There were hornets. Or wasps. I didn't know the difference and still don't. There is one—a difference—, it's just vague. We swatted at those dudes long after drenching their house in harsh, patented chemicals. They kept going back though, trying to pry through the cracks we were closing to light-tight slivers. Helicoptering our heads.

My brain feels like it's been cooked to my skull from the crazy ass sun and the things I shouldn't be breathing. What I wouldn't give for a few slices of pizza and cans of beer.

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