Friday, July 23, 2010

Song of the day: Goose Island Ramblers

Song of the day (7/23/2010):
Goose Island Ramblers - Milwaukee Waltz

Thanks to Mucho Milwaukee for pointing me to this site, where there are a lot of great Wisconsin-centric recordings. This one obviously stood out. It's a slurry, beer-filled ode to our city. The singer has undoubtedly had a few swigs of what made us famous.

The pretzels are soggy
The beer flows like wine
After sixteen small bottles
The band sounds just fine
They laugh and they dance
And they have a good time
Doin’ the Milwaukee Waltz

Round and round and round they go
Over the floor and down they go
Round and round and round they go
Doin’ the Milwaukee Waltz

The trumpets are off-key
The tuba is loud
The banjo is lousy
Ach, look at the crowd
They pay half a dollar
To come in und dance
Then do the Milwaukee Waltz

Originally issued on Cuca back in '65.

Goose Island Ramblers - MilwaukeeWaltz.mp3

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