Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creek to Creek

I think that the look on Tony's face says it all. Today was pretty great.

Earlier this week, I realized I didn't have much going on this weekend (the 4th), so I contacted a bunch of people to ask if anyone'd be down for a ride from Creek to Creek—Stone Creek to Silver Creek.

Even though I only really expected 3 or so others to join, I was shocked when 10 others rolled up to the coffee shop this morning.

It's a ride I've done once a year for the last two. Rides that have beer as a middle point always bring out the champ in people.

People came from all different sectors of the city, so exact mileage is pretty hard to come up with. For my part though, it was just about 58.5 miles. When I got back to my neighborhood, I dropped my gear off at home and forced myself to squeeze out another 1.5, just to make it a cool 60. Glad I did.

Can't wait for next time.