Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was 12 years old in 1990. That's when this ad's from. And I remember thinking the whole "buy American" thing was frighteningly right wing. In other words, frighteningly stupid.

Somehow though, the commercial leeched onto my mind, and thank god youtube now exists and that this video exists on youtube. To think that I can now go back in a changed world to revisit the thing that seemed so dumb, repost it, and have it feel like something radical...

I think that when I was a young, Buy American meant "fuck the rest of the world." Now I've come to see that not buying America actually means "fuck the rest of the world." You know some of the reasons why.

Dudes, it's time we again hold onto our own. Again. We need commercials!

This isn't a novel idea for any of your reading this, but sometimes I think we all need slight reminding.

Thanks to The American List on A Continuous Lean for putting a little pressure on me to go find the video above, and in turn, for prompting this post.

Go America! GO WORLD!

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