Sunday, June 6, 2010

Song of the day: The Sharades

Song of the day (6/6/2010):
The Sharades - Dumb Head

@CamellaLobo (who runs the really good The Ladies and Gents Auxiliary blog) recently mentioned the Let's Go! - Joe Meek's Girls! comp. In turn, I mentioned that this Sharades song is by far the sunniest part of the comp. Of course she agreed, as would anyone who has heard the comp and has a pair of ears.

It's another one of those rare girl group songs that bleeds outside the normal girl group mold in all the right ways.

And if the idea of a Tony Hatch girl group is something to boggle at, what about a Joe Meek girl group? The Sharades only recorded two songs on one 1964 7" as far as we know - said vinyl has gone for three figures on eBay - but even by most of his out-there pop production standards this cover of American soulstress Ginny Arnell is extraordinary. [from the Sweeping the Nation]

The Sharades - Dumb Head.mp3

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