Sunday, April 4, 2010

Song of the day: Travis Wammack

Song of the day (4/4/2010):
Travis Wammack - I'm Leavin' Today

Travis Wammack cut this track when he was 12. It's incredible and hilarious to hear a dude with such a pip-squeaky voice singing about wine, hitting the road, and women doing him wrong.
Besides being able to pick his Gibson 335 at close to the speed of light, just what was the secret to Memphis guitar genius Travis Wammack’s sound? “I used A tenor banjo strings for my G string,” says Wammack, “I’d go into clubs and look at the picker’s guitar and if he didn’t have an unwound third string I knew I could burn him up. I could get the stretchy sound and lay some funk on him.” [Read more at Ponderosa Stomp]

Find out lots more about Wammack over at The Hound Blog.


Alyssa said...

Holy shit! I didn't read what you wrote before listening to this and I thought to myself..."what is this a 12 year old boy? This is hilarious that he's singing about drinking and leaving his honey."


berrylies said...

Pretty astounding, eh? Makes me wonder why I misspent my youth so hard.