Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Song of the day: Frankie Bearse and The Voices

Song of the day (4/7/2010):
Frankie Bearse & The Voices - No End To Love

Stumbled on this track when I was importing a bunch of new music during last night's rainstorm. It's the A side of a single released on Ohio-based label Olimpic in 1963. Can't dredge up much info on this group, but there are a few stock photo YouTube videos of the group's song "I Cry", which was the flip to "No End To Love".

What grabbed me on hearing it was that it is way more loosely-wound and discordant than most other doo-wop. It's almost like a soured Georgie Fame woven into minimalist rocksteady. Or something.

On the surface, the lyrics seem lovestruck. But the delivery is dark, warbly, and shattered. It's like he's singing it reflectively and can't believe he ever believed what he did.

Taken from the Olimpic Record Story compilation.

Frankie Bearse and The Voices - No End To Love.mp3

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