Monday, April 5, 2010

Song of the day: Brenda and The Sentries

Song of the day (4/5/2010):
Brenda & The Sentries- Don't Make Me Lie

Super rare cut, this is. Having a hard time digging up the historical deets on this record or even the group. All I can really get it that they were from Philly and that this 45 now goes for upwards of $150.

What grabbed me on first hearing it was not that it's, like, the best song ever written, but the loose, almost Pet Soundsy instrumentation. It just feels different from a lot of girl group soul from that era. Nice, easy, sunny.

Taken from the Girl Crazy: 20 Northern Soul Tracks by Female Artists comp.

Brenda The Sentries - Dont Make Me Lie.mp3

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