Sunday, December 14, 2008

showed & told

As I told some friends today, a scene that encapsulates Errol Morris' awesome weirdness is the part in Vernon, Florida where the turkey hunter is talking about his kills, wearing a camoflauged hat, smoking a cigarette, overweight and with a ultra-thick southern accent. And Morris has him sitting against a wall that's painted a blinding shade of pink.

His films/shows are pretty much the only thing I've been watching lately.

If you haven't seen it, go watch First Person. If you don't know Morris, it's a perfect introduction to him in short snippets.


EXCITING NEWS! The group blog I've been planning with my friend Megan goes live at 12:00am central time on 12/15/2008! If you're reading this post after that time, go check out SHOWED & TOLD!

Here's a description of what it is:

Showed & Told is a mixed up collection of works by loosely-connected people from throughout the contiguous United States.

Sick of letting the bully internet distract and dizzy us, we're pooling our imaginations and fighting back.

You won't find funny youtube videos, bent ranty logic, or doe-eyed navel-gazing here. You won't find links. This mutha is self-contained.

These are our heads. Hop in and say hello to our daydreams. We're glad to have you.


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