Tuesday, January 11, 2011

one thin dime

Baby, I stole all the money from your wallet and now I’m off. I don’t know why there’s that saying, “one thin dime” because if you think about it, dimes are much thicker even than a hundred dollar bill. Even a stack of those kinds. You were calling me names in your sleep last night. Again, I heard you slur at me. My dreams were the falling kind. Now, the light’s up again—you’re not, I am. I’ve ransacked your wallet, thinned it of everything; various widths. There wasn’t much there, certainly no hundreds. Was almost afraid I wouldn’t have enough to make it. But now I’m on the bus to work. The day’ll go quick. Today I feel it. Tonight I’ll be back, closing my eyes next to you and sleeping so deeply it’ll be like death.

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