Thursday, December 23, 2010

official jacket of the boys scouts of america

One of the best things I've found at a thrift store in a long time. Doubt I'll actually wear the thing, but couldn't pass it up.

Jacket branded as the official jacket for the Boy Scouts of America.

Can't really make sense of the patches:
- The bull would be for rodeos?
- Maine to Georgia/AT patch represents the Appalachian Trail.

Whatever the case, the events that lead up to it winding up in Racine, WI thrift store in 2010 would probably make for an interesting story.

If anyone can piece together the history of this, let me know.

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Lou said...

Hey, saw your post as a result of a google alert I have setup and wanted to clarify.

That jacket is a leaders coat, and people usually fill them up with patches and the like from trips and outings.

The bull is one of the older logos of Philmont Scout Ranch, a huge high adventure base in New Mexico. The other patch likely means the person whose coat that was hiked some (unlikely all) of the Appalachian trail.