Wednesday, December 1, 2010

21 sounds my heart makes that it shouldn’t

  1. A car going down the Pacific Coast Highway with its muffler dragging.
  2. The theme song to The Munsters.
  3. A shovel digging into frozen dirt, hitting a rock.
  4. A major league baseball game broadcast over AM radio.
  5. Harry Caray wheezing after a homer.
  6. Two cast iron frying pans, filled with Palm oil, clanged together, still hot.
  7. Stray electricity leaking out of the telephone wires overhead.
  8. A gate with dry hinges left open, slamming in a bad wind.
  9. Bubbles.
  10. The city of Mumbai, capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.
  11. The Dead Sea Scrolls, flaking to the ground when picked up.
  12. An office building first thing in the morning, before anyone shows up.
  13. A tree falling in a very crowded National Forest.
  14. Something akin to News Chopper 12.
  15. Corduroy on a fat kid’s thighs as he or she runs from a pack of pink-cheeked bullies on a school playground in Anytown USA, USA.
  16. The giggles of a child who cannot yet speak..
  17. A curtain thrown open on its metal rod so you can glare at a neighbor mowing his lawn at 7 a.m. He will not notice this.
  18. My grandmother cursing.
  19. Up 4 or 5 carrots being julienned.
  20. A briar pipe filled with Burley tobacco being doused with a lighter’s flame until the cherry buries itself in and stays going on its own.
  21. Clumsy ghosts scaring you accidentally.