Thursday, November 11, 2010

the ferret and the man

The guy had a ferret at his ankles. Morning rush hour was just starting and they were walking near the Bay Viewda Triangle.

They kept close to the buildings. Using his foot, the guy would guide the ferret back against the brick facades when it started to veer off toward the curb and the road. It kept trying to do this, so the guy was using his foot a lot.

It was like he was kicking at the wormy mammal, and his foot was filled with pure love.

It must have been too much, because soon he swooped down and picked the ferret up. He draped it down beside his head like a shoulder pad that'd protect him in battle.

What he did next was turn his face and kiss the ferret. This lasted for some time. Then they crossed the street. Together, looking both ways.

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