Monday, October 4, 2010

Song of the day: Hank Snow

Song of the day (10/4/2010):
Hank Snow - Maple Leaves

There's lots of sleeplessness and general restlessness around this place, what with the new baby and all that comes with it and all.

People say that animals get shoved to the side after babies arrive, but I'm actively fighting against that. I've committed an hour out of each of the last two days to taking the dogs for an hour long walk.

The best thing about our hospital stay (other, you know, than leaving with an awesome baby) is that fall finally really settled in.

So these walks have been great. I have the headphones on and just go. The dogs are beat when we get home.

This Hank Snow is a perfect fall song. Mainly because it's about fall, but also because it sounds like fall. Seasons have a sound, you know.

Even in Canada.

Hank Snow - Maple Leaves.mp3

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