Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've been put on notification, but they're keeping it quiet.

Here's how it happened: There were lights in stirred up colors. I slowed to nothing and then just sat there. Up to that point, I'd never done anything wrong in my life I'd been caught for.

Tonight though the few excess miles my tires were carrying came up as salt welts in my eyes. They were irrepressible. I felt stupid. The woman who had the plastic-brimmed hat and heavy belt must have thought me a pud.

She took my card, read my name into a black thing she had perched on her shoulder.

She handed the card back, saying next time and thinking or think and if it was up to me. Her face, I noticed, was a crude dolor. Her voice was shockingly flat, like she'd already said everything surprising that'd ever come to her.

Maybe it was all tiredness, the time of day, the extreme nightness of the hour.

Her lights went off. Or the opposite of went off: turned off. It became dark. She curled her squad car and went back to where my speed triggered her radar gun in the first place.

The lines for phones had a buzz to them and the grass was alive with insects and wind.

I started the motor, feeling like I could kill but not knowing what.

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