Sunday, September 12, 2010

Song(s) of the day: Ruby Vass, Carter Family, Roscoe Holcomb

Song(s) of the day (9/12/2010):
Ruby Vass, Carter Family, Roscoe Holcomb

Two weeks till baby, baby.

Lots of songs and chore have been happening around here. It's the home stretch, with so many little things to do. It'll be fine. Just fine.

These songs in no way reflect anything that's happening here on the home front. I just wanted to put up Ruby Vass' song and then saw there was a trend about single girls in old time music and decided to put up some others so that one wasn't so lonely.

Carter Family - Single Girl, Married Girl.mp3

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Clinton Forry said...

Never heard Ruby Vass before, but have always loved that Carter Family Tune.