Friday, September 24, 2010

Song of the day: Swimsuit

Song of the day (9/24/2010):
Swimsuit - Evaporation

I've liked this song since I first heard it a few months, but it really struck me silly (good silly) this afternoon when it came on during the last minutes of my workweek. Immediately, the ticks melted off the clock. It has just the right dose of crash-pop oh yeahness to make the back end of a Friday sufferable.

Swimsuit are fellow Midwesterners, from the funnily-spelled Ypsilanti, Michigan. Fred Thompson from Saturday Looks Good to Me is in the band, though from how I've always felt about that band, that fact would seem more like a bad thing than a good.

But this, I dunno. I really love Swimsuit. So-so band lineage and all.

Skatterbrain! has raved about these guys, and that's who I got this track from. Go to there to learn more about the band. Or just run over to Swimsuit's myspace.

Oh, and this song is from their demo cassette (yeah, I don't get that one either), which you can also download.

Swimsuit - Evaporation.mp3

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