Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Song of the day: Roy Campbell

Song of the day (9/7/2010):
Roy Campbell - Reel It & Roll It

Warning: This post has absolutely nothing to do with today's song of the day. If you just want the cut, jump down low, download that shit, and move on.

For the rest of you...

The snake of summer has finally loosened it's grip on the neck of us. You can finally hang out and cook something in the kitchen without feeling like you're getting beat to a pulp in a swamp by a swamp monster.

Uh, enough with the metaphors. I'm just thrilled to not sweat when concocting some wonky tangle of cultures for the taste buds.

This sort of thing, like. Which I came up with for dinner tonight.

The Deep South of the Middle East-wich
Get the following:
  • 1/4 yellow onion
  • 1 clove garlic (from your great uncle's garden, if possible)
  • 8oz chicken flavored seitan
  • BBQ sauce (I used Saz's because it's local and delish)
Saute the onion/garlic until it's good & sauteed. Add the seitan and a healthy amount of BBQ. Cook on medium heat until it all gets gooey and caramelized.

While that's going on, steam a few kale leaves.

Once all the hot stuff is ready, assemble:
Then basically make a sandwich of all the ingredients and put it on the George Foreman grill until the Diaya is good and melty.

Messy but yum.

Don't tell the culinary police I told you to do any of this though. Not that I'm embarrassed by it. I just don't need to talk to any more people today.

(Photo taken from the gmtPlus9 (-15) blog, out of Appleton, WI. I accidentally found it while looking for images on Google, but it seems pretty great.)

Roy Campbell - Reel It And Roll It.mp3

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