Sunday, September 5, 2010

Song of the day: Gospel Gossip

Song of the day (9/5/2010):
Gospel Gossip
- Sippy Cup

These days, I don't like seeing concerts much. Months go by between seeing a single band on a single stage. In my teens/20s, most of my nights and weekends went into seeing live music.

Guess I just got burned out. Badly burned.

A lot of people love discovering new bands during a live show. I've always hated it. Not knowing a song while someone "interprets" it in front of you has always seemed awkward. Going home and plopping a record and yourself down and getting to know each other slowly over multiple listens...well, that's always made more sense.

Brian has raved about Northfield, MN's (huh?) Gospel Gossip for months. And so has Kevin, whose band has played with GG a bunch of times, including last night.

And last night's the one in question.

GG was in Milwaukee and I decided to finally leave the house to see a concert. Them in concert.

Oh my fuck. So, so good. Even though I didn't know the songs.

The singer looked like she was about to lose it any second. She was unhinged, her pigtails spinning, falling to her knees. Belting out the words, like her whole body was inhabiting them.

I've seen enough bands (thousands) to get the sense of that most of them more or less rehearse and choreograph their emotion. But Gospel Gossip is the realest deal.

Gospel Gossip - Sippy Cup.mp3

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