Sunday, August 22, 2010

Song of the day: Hank Thompson

Song of the day (8/22/2010):
Hank Thompson - Let's Get Drunk and Be Somebody

Funny how you can walk your neighborhood a billion times, notice things and kind of put them on a tippy-toe shelf in your mind.

Yesterday, I took two separate wet-shirted walks with the dogs though the misery of late Wisconsin August and finally took some pictures of unusual garages/sheds I've noticed again and again over the last several years.

The danger of living someplace too long is that the holy shit, that's weird stuff eventually normalizes and shakes off its holy shit-ness. And that's a sad thing.

I guess there's a duty we have to capture it somehow. Preservation and all that.

Oh, and my dog Mateo? He'll never normalize. He's always shitting. Royally.

(Today's song is a nice slice of Western Swing by one of the masters. Yes, it has roughly the same title a Toby Keith song, but I assure you that this one won't have you yanking out the straight razor and cursing the Confederacy.)

Hank Thompson - Lets Get Drunk And Be Somebody.mp3

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