Monday, August 23, 2010

Song of the day: George Stavis

Song of the day (8/23/2010):
George Stavis - Finland Station

This song has the sonic qualities of a pair of rats battling it out in a galvanized trash can.

A— said it sounds like some of ivory tower-ish, overly produced new age pap she'd have going in the background at her acupuncture studio.

Can't agree with that. What I hear is something unwieldy, insuperable.

Funny discovering George Stavis and this record on Saturday morning and thinking, Ah! It's like John Fahey swapped up for banjo! And then later that night going over the Whitney's and talking a while—totally unrelated—about Fahey and his Revenant label.

And then the circle sealed shut this afternoon while researching Stavis for this post. I found this post at Grown So Ugly (hint: you can download the record there) dropping Fahey's name in the pile while making comparisons to Stavis.

Pretty neat, eh?

George Stavis - Finland Station.mp3

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