Sunday, August 1, 2010

Honey Creek

The baby's getting anxious and cramped up there in A— womb. Figuring there are only a few weeks left to do whimmy things, we loaded up the car today with vague plans and ended up at the sprawl of cornfields, cow pastures, and unincorporated towns near Honey Creek.

Our only real goal was to wander around and check stuff out. See what was there.

We got a dizzying history lesson from Frank and Nancy down at Stir Crazy in Rochester. They spent a good half hour dropping names of the famous people who've been to their coffee "shoppe". Not bragging, just proud. Tony Romo and Jane Hamilton, like that. But more than anything, Frank seemed gladdest of the fact that he hangs his hat (a Yankees one, which you'd assume to be a punishable offense so close to Milwaukee) in the same town that sprung up Ginger Beaumont, the first guy to ever bat in a World Series game.

See, when my daughter asks me what I did for fun before she was born, I'm glad I'll be able to show her photos like these and just say, "Not a whole lot. Wondered around, checked things out. Saw what was there."