Monday, June 7, 2010

Song of the day: Miriam Makeba

Song of the day (6/7/2010):
Miriam Makeba - One More Dance

Come Thursday, this will be me. Long weekend, get here quick. I want to be in the woods.

Taken from my dad's camera in the 1970s. These are, I think, my uncle's feet. A canoe trip down the Wisconsin River, if the story I'm remembering is true.


Today's song is an early 60s duet between Miriam Makeba and Charles Coleman. It's a diabolical Austrian tune about infidelity. Coleman's laugh is too hearty and out of control to be feigned. Dude must have had some killer dope.

Miriam Makeba - One More Dance.mp3

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Denise said...

nice picture! you gotta recreate it!