Thursday, June 24, 2010

Song of the day: Memphis

Song of the day (6/24/2010):
Memphis - You Supply the Roses

But before the music, a story, set in late rush hour traffic at an intersection scabby with construction.

There's a green car, maybe from the mid-90s. Kind of an unsporty sports car. The guy driving it—I can see this somewhat through the windshield glare—is probably in his mid 60s.

Not that those details matter.

What I want to tell you about is the weird shit.

The maybe oldish guy driving a maybe older, maybe unsporty sports car, had his arm extended straight up and out the sunroof. But you couldn't tell it was his arm because he had the whole thing—shoulder to fingertips—covered by a puppet. A black crow puppet.

For a second, I thought: That dude has a crow puppet over his arm. He's sticking it out the windshield, all quick and cheeky-like.

But no.

I now believe he intended to keep the crow out the window, like it had acted naughty and he was threatening the thing about letting it go once and for all. You know, to make his point.

How long, I wondered, would it take for the guy's arm to go bloodless and sore?

But even after I passed him, looking rear view, the crow was still there, flying into the distance. Somewhere new.

(Today's song by ex-Bourgie Bourgie, Paul Quinn, under the Memphis guise. Get the entire 45 at Consolation Prizes.)

Memphis - You Supply The Roses.mp3

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