Monday, June 28, 2010

Song of the day: Magic Kids

Songs of the day (6/28/2010):
Magic Kids - Summer

Memphis' Magic Kids have a hyper-romanticised, sand-covered view of summertime that I've grown away from believing in. Still, it's good from time to time to have songs come into your life that remind you that the season of sun and heat once seemed fat-bellied with potential. And could/can be again, if only you keep your ears perked just right.

I absolutely can't wait to hear more from this band.

(Thanks to fireescapetalking for tipping me off to this groop. Their album comes out at the end of this summer (ironic?))

Magic Kids - Summer.mp3


Alyssa Schulte said...

If you would have listened to my Best of 09' cd 2 #19 you would have been turned onto them a long time ago...

berrylies said...

Sorry, I get lost in stuffs.