Monday, June 14, 2010

Song of the day: Hood

Song of the day (6/14/2010):
Hood - This Is What We Do To Sellout(S)

Maybe it's the rain and cold and all the other weird stuff the weather is doing this month, but whatever it is, the stray buckshot of nostalgia's been busting me up.

Glasgow, one fall when this century was still in diapers.

I'd listen to this Hood record a million times over (I swear I've written about this before, somewhere) when I'd wait for the SPR metro, where even just passing by the station, my glasses would get pounded by a fog of the hot subway air. And at night, on the second level of the hostel bunk, forcing myself to sleep when people just kept stirring or coming and going.

See? Endless. As in all day.

Weirdly, this record (Cold House), has song titles that seem suited for looking back on.

  • They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here
  • Enemy Of Time
  • I Can't Find My Brittleyouth
And the of this one, just in tone, melody, and lyrics. Listen. That's the real sound lapsed time. You almost need a well-sealed raincoat as protection against everything that pours over you.

Ok, punch me if I keep this up. Before I punch MYSELF.

Hood - This Is What We Do To Sell Out(S).mp3

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