Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Song of the day: Estil Bell and Orna Bell

Song of the day (6/8/2010):
Estil and Orna Bell - Jennie Jenkins

The greatest cities in the world are the ones that are barely there. Just crops of brick and concrete sticking out of the wilderness for few blocks out before it continues on.

Lining them are lakes so profoundly great and north they freeze nearly over. People test them with pickup trucks. They drive up to double-decker ice shanties where they've cut holes straight though to the liquid parts. Up there, they're like firemen. But there are no poles to slide down and nothing to save.

They let the hours go, nod off with cans of beer in their hands. Dogs they've brought with shiver into their own sleep. Smoke leaves the nostrils of every living thing, weighing pain on the hairs.

Months of this.

Then the next season comes on like a heavy, deep thought you know you'll lose.

(Shanty photo by Scott Peterman - like, holy shit good, eh?)

Estil and Orna Bell - Jennie Jenkins.mp3

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