Saturday, June 19, 2010

Song of the day: Elezović, Elezović and Mašesa

Song of the day (6/19/2010):
Safet Elezović, Muhamed Elezović and Zejnil Mašesa - Ganga: Sto Becara U Srce Udara

It's possible that the only good thing about being almost totally oblivious to culture and language is that you can't tell if the music from a place is a song of joy, dirge, or war cry.

There's something wonderful about that confusion, the inability to draw a final conclusion.

Today's song is taken from the Folkways album Bosnia: Echoes from an Endangered World. Maybe you're more cultured and historically-minded than I am. I mean to say, hopefully you are.

Whatever the case, I urge your to listen to the compilation deeply and dredge up your own hunch.

06 Ganga_ Sto Becara U Srce Udara.mp3

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