Monday, June 21, 2010

Song of the day: Clover

Song of the day (6/21/2010):
Clover - Ice Cream Man

In a city way busier than this one, there was an ice cream truck that'd park outside our two-flat each night, way later than municipal law should've allowed. It wasn't resting for the night, but staying stationary to let everyone know it was still very much open for business.

Sometimes you could even turn in for an early night and be startled awake by the repetition of the tornado watch-ish squall coming coming the sound system. And there were lights, too. Bright enough to make you think someone was searching you out, trying to singe your skin.

You'd wake up from your fresh snooze, ready to do damage to the world.

We hated that truck. Worst part of summer.

(Song borrowed from the illustrious Fire Escape Talking. Thank you)

Clover - Ice Cream Man.mp3

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