Monday, May 10, 2010

Why We Do: a new project

Readers, I have something I want you to help me with.

Basically, I want to get a sense of how you view a person you admire, and in turn, how that person perceives him or herself.

Here's how it'll work:
  1. You contact me and tell me about someone somewhat unknown who does something online that you like (blog, art, book, store, Twitter, design - get where I'm going?). It should be a person you don't know personally, but admire from afar. And don't make it a famous person - for obvious reasons like famous people are lame and already overhyped.
  2. I ask you to answer 4 questions about the person, using no more than 50 words for each answer (i.e., 200 words total). These are the question:
    - Who is the person?
    - What do they do?
    - How do they do it?
    - What do you imagine them doing when they're not doing what you admire them for?
  3. In turn, I'll contact the person and get them to answer the same questions about themselves.
  4. I'll post it on this blog! Or possibly a new blog if it becomes too unwieldy to host here.
The point in getting their response these open-ended question is that they may not see what they "do" in the same way as you.

Pretty simple, eh? I'm really interested in how personal views differ from public views...

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