Saturday, May 29, 2010

Song of the day: Smoky Babe

Song of the day (5/29/2010):
Smoky Babe - Going Downtown Boogie

Last night, I was eating a later dinner, and A— heard what she thought was a junebug fluttering on the window screen. (A few days premature of its namesake, but we'll not judge.) She pulled back the curtain. Wasn't a bug. It was a mouse. On the back of the couch.

Now, we've had mice digging up dirt outside our house outside our house for a while. But have never seen any traces of them making their way inside. Finally now, it being open window season, they've apparently migrated inside.

This does not make us feel good.

I'm too white and too urban to ever be diagnosed with the true blues, but I do feel like I've got a tiny case of the Totally Grossed Out Blues. Ick.

Looks like I'll be spending this morning getting live traps & peppermint oil and cottom balls. Fun!

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Smoky Babe - Going Downtown Boogie.mp3

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