Saturday, May 8, 2010

Song of the day: Hildegard Knef

Song of the day (5/8/2010):
Hildegard Knef - Holiday Time

Such a crazy, weird and, well, groovy track! This song's from 1971, but Knef's lyrics could easily be tweaked to help show how fucked as we are as citizens of the world today, in 2010.

This is what the liner notes say about it:

“They came back from the moon today, one of the parachutes didn’t open...” After kickstarting the first volume of our compilation series in such memorable fashion (“From Here On It Got Rough”), Miss Knef (1925-2002) makes yet another stunning In-Kraut appearance. The incredible “Holiday Time” is Kraut-a-delica in excelsis. On top of a killer bassline, Hilde delivers a psychedelic proto-rap that has to be heard to be believed. Is this the moment when hip-hop was born?! Hilde’s sensational lyrics (translated by her then-husband David Cameron) were so far ahead of their time that they still hit the zeitgeist today. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five couldn’t deliver a more appropriate picture of our crazy times. The song’s original German version (“Ferienzeit”) was released on Knef’s “Worum Geht’s Hier Eigentlich” album in 1971. This extremely rare English version appeared, strangely enough, only on a 7” b-side in France (of all places)! Arranger & co-composer Hans Hammerschmid (*1930) was responsible for many of Knef’s best songs including her biggest ever hit “Für Mich Soll’s Rote Rosen Regnen”. “Holiday Time”, however, remains their coolest and most unusual team effort. “Slaughter in Pakistan, slaughter on the Autobahn...”
From the In-Kraut vol 2 comp on Marina Records.

Hildegard Knef - Holiday Time.mp3

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Alyssa said...

God it so sucks that I can no longer listen to any of your songs or shows while at work and I barely make time for anything outside of work like that...

but to add comment, Hildegard is smokin'!