Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red Lake

Guitar Doug was talking to me about the census and land surveying and stuff, and he mentioned the Red Lake Indian Reservation up in Minnesota. "If you murdered someone, say," he said, "You can step across the border there and nobody, not the feds, can touch you."

If that's not an endorsement for a place I don't know what is.
With the realization that border between the United States and British Canada was improperly placed due to land survey errors, the corrected boundaries included the Northwest Angle within the United States, and the Lac du Bois Band of Ojibwa found itself in the US. Without an independent federal recognition from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Lac du Bois Band became part of the Red Lake Band. While the tribe ceded large tracts of land, it successfully resisted attempts at allotment, which divided up land on many other reservations in Minnesota and elsewhere. During this period, some of the Pembina Band of Chippewa Indians refusing relocation to the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation or to the White Earth Indian Reservation escaped to the Red Lake Reservation because it was "untouched Indian land". [wiki out w/ more]

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