Thursday, May 20, 2010

Listen/Read: Sam Lipsyte

Interesting interview on KCRW's Bookworm with Sam Lipsyte. He talks about his new book, The Ask.

Of course, after hearing this, I had to skip (well, skip as best you can in an car, which is not at all) to the library to pick up one of the few copies in the city that weren't already checked out.

So far, great stuff. Like it as much as I liked Home Land. Not that far into it, but there are some doozy sentences, like:
Interweb, webnet, interpipe - the joke had begun to grate. If they flubbed it and winked, what? I was tired of the semantic evasions, mine included. I was tired of many things. I had been keeping a list, got tired of the list.

My outburst was deemed a hate speech, which called for immediate dismissal. I could hardly argue with them. I think it probably was hate speech. I really fucking hated that girl.

Also, he mentions Barry Hannah. I like anytime Barry Hannah is mentioned.

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