Thursday, April 15, 2010

Song of the day: Wild Carnation

Song of the day (4/15/2010):
Wild Carnation - Dodger Blue

Last night, a friend tweeted about an Sarah Records documentary that's currently in production.

Naturally, I was excited about this, but my mind immediately started crossing my fingers, hoping it's not terrible.

Anyway, this friend and I got to DMing and she told me that people compare her band, The Good Graces, to Sarah bands. I listened and told her I thought it sounds more like Small Factory & Wild Carnation.

She said she'd never heard Wild Carnation, and thus today's song of the day was born.

This song is taken from a 7" released on Delmore Records in 1993.

Wild Carnation was founded by Richard Barnes (Electric and acoustic guitars) and Christopher O'Donovan (Drums, percussion, backing vocals) in 1992; after a few month's Brenda Sauter (The feelies, Speed the Plough, The Trypes) joined and filled out the band on bass and vocals. Soon after Wild Carnation began playing shows in support of The Bats, Luna, SF Seals, The Stranglers, Silk Worm, Veruca Salt, Small Factory and many others. It was at an NYU Music Fest show at the now defunct NY club WETLANDS in support of Versus that Wild Carnation met Mark Linn of Delmore Recordings Chicago IL now Delmore Recording Society Nashville Tn. Delmore released Wild Carnation's first recording Dodger Blue b/w The Lights Are On But No One's Home (de702 45rpm) and a full length CD entitled "Tricycle" (de009 compact disc) to critical acclaim. [read more]

Wild Carnation - Dodger Blue.mp3

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K. said...

ah, and there's a Speed the Plough connection too, very cool!