Saturday, April 10, 2010

Song of the day: Love Is All

Song of the day (4/10/2010):
Live Is All - Less Than Thrilled

If you've been following my Song of the Day project over the last few weeks, you can tell that my tastes bend over mostly into the past. This is especially true lately.


Thankfully, my wife went down to Chicago this past week to see Love Is All and brought me home their new lp, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries. I've listened to it a bunch of times in the last few days and it's catapulted me back into the present. Firm-footed.

It's an asskicker of a feel good record.

The only regret I have about it is that the record is that it was a released by Polyvinyl Records, which run by greedy dickheads who've fucked over a lot of my friends' bands. Still. Love Is All is such a good band, that you should still buy their record! Profits to jerks be damned. The band deserves your $upport.

Oh, the band that several of the LIA people were in before this, Girlfriendo, seem to have been lost in time. They released music on the wonderful Spanish label, Siesta, back in the late 90s/early00s. Maybe I'll try to dig up the tracks I have for them and post them here someday.

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