Monday, April 12, 2010

Radio: Too Much Information

Finding Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything was one of the more watersheddy moments when I started listening to radio seriously a handful of years ago. It was this weird, jittery mix of things, not unlike a less broody Joe Frank. A lot of times, I had trouble discerning what was truth and what wasn't. It was a gorgeous, neurotic mess.

After TOE stopped airing, I thought Walker had evaporated into the radio waves with it.

Not so.

Late last year, Walker surfaced with a new radio program, Too Much Information, on WFMU in New York. It's just as tangential, mixing narrative and interview to tell stories just unconvincing enough that you have to trust their authenticity (yes, it's that kind of conundrum).

The Jan 4 episode, for example, spans these topics
  • KKK members using Christmas lights as fake flames on crosses
  • Gold as currency
  • Religion as mental illness
  • Using DDT to kill bedbugs
And that's really just the tip of a very wonderful iceberg.

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