Friday, March 26, 2010

Song of the day: The Sound

Song of the day (3/26/2010):
The Sound - Prove Me Wrong

There's a logic to a lonely life
Away from all I've known
If no one sees things your way
You can still see them alone
But prove me wrong
I'm waiting - I want you
I'm waiting - I want you to
Despite releasing six albums in their lifetime, The Sound remain one of the great unheard bands of the 80s. This goes with the underground territory, of course, but what exactly is the sound of The Sound? There was much in common with Korova label-mates, Echo and the Bunnymen, with Adrian Borland's vocals falling somewhere between Ian McCulloch and The Comsat Angels' Steve Fellows. And if you need further comparisons, it's broadly similar to other early 80s alternative acts like the Teardrop Explodes and Mancunian underground doomsters, The Chameleons. [read more]

The Sound - Prove Me Wrong.mp3

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