Sunday, March 29, 2009

march mix - home: a small mix about a small town

Our March mixtape club theme was cities., so I decided to make one about a city I know better than any other—Milwaukee.

Most of these songs are countryish & about booze, so if those aren't things that thrill you, skip on downloading it.

Here's the track list:
01. George Jones – Milwaukee, Here I Come
02. Marty Jones & The Pork Boiln’ Poor Boys – Match Made in Milwaukee
03. Larry Lee Phllipson - First Night Back in Milwaukee
04. Jess Johnson & Roy Harvey – Milwaukee Blues
05. Climax Blues Band – Milwaukee Truckin’ Blues
06. Biker Joe Warren – Milwaukee Thunder
07. Jerry Lee Lewis – What Made Milwaukee Famous
08. Bucky Halker & the Complete Unknowns – Heaven in Milwaukee
09. Robert Walker – The Milwaukee Fire
10. Billy Walker – Till I Drink Milwaukee Dry
11. T. Dekker – Old Milwaukee
12. Larry Lee Phillipson – The Milwaukee Road


The best part about researching and compiling this mix was that I discovered Larry Lee Phillipson, who is phenomenal! He's a Rockabilly Hall of Famer who was born in our great city in 1923.

You can and should download his Bitter Tears collection on eMusic.

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