Tuesday, March 3, 2009

brief history of the dead

"There was no one and nothing she could ever know well enough to make it stay. It had been one of her chief preoccupations during the last few years of her life: the notion that there was not enough time left for her to really get to know anyone. Most people would say it was ridiculous. She understood that. She was only in her mid-thirties, after all. But whenever she would come into contact with someone new, someone whose stories she didn't already know by heart, sooner or later that person would start talking about those days gone by, and she would get the sad, sickening feeling that too much had already happened to him and it was far too late for her to ever catch up. How could she ever hope to know someone whose entire life up to the present was already a memory? For that matter, how could anyone hope to know her? The way she saw it, the only people she had any prayer of knowing or being known by were the people who had already been a part of her life since she was a child, and she hardly ever spoke to them anymore. Just her mother and a friend or two from high school and that was about it. As for everybody else she met, wellthere were too many shadows behind a person and there was too little light ahead." - Kevin Brockmeier - The Brief History of the Dead

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great quotes and pictures, really