Friday, February 27, 2009

The Happiness Project

Man oh man, The Happiness Project is astoundingly good, infinitely interesting!

Musician Charles Spearin lives with his family in a lively neighborhood in downtown Toronto. All the neighborhood kids play together in the street, and friends and family stop by to sit on the porch and visit. A year ago, Charles decided to invite some of them inside to conduct interviews loosely based around the topic of happiness. He then edited their musings with an ear for rhythm and tune, and arranged their voices into a collection of songs. From Mrs. Gowrie's thoughts on happiness and love, to young Ondine's complaints about almond butter on her toast, The Happiness Project blurs the lines between speaking and singing, and reveals the meaning and melody in these small, neighborly moments.

Go listen to a few tracks on the Third Coast Festival's site or on Spearin's own site (Spearin is a founding member of Broken Social Scene & Do Make Say Think).


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