Thursday, December 25, 2008

mad man michaels

I posted these songs on an old blog in March 2007, but they're kind of demanding to be re-posted here/now since that old blog is gone and it's actually Christmas today!

Mad Man Michaels (a.k.a. The Czarnina Kid) was from Milwaukee in the middle part of the last century, I think.

These two songs are from a 45 I found and are nice, silly, Polish polka Christmas songs. Enjoy these .mp3s & your holiday!


Hogg said...

God bless ya for posting this. I've been lookin for this awhile. Yes, he was a Milwaukee Radio Personality in maybe the 50's.

Jeromeski said...

I grew up listening to tese 2 songs over and over, have looked online several times and not found them till now, can't wait to listen again! Thank You Jerome K

carole said...

I've been looking for his record, "The Czarnina Kid". It's hilarious. Has anyone seen it???

Dan said...

There were 4 recordings. I have the Czarina Kid AND Michaels Market as well as these two.

Michaels Market is posted on my blog. I will prep the other soon.

Great to find others who had this in their head growing up. It's such wonderful stuff.

David said...