Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clare Turlay Newberry


Wicked little Kiisu has really done a number on me. She's made me rethink my position on cats in general. I grew up with them but have never been a real fan. We've taken in quite a few as fosters over the year and all that, but none have really suckerpunched my soul.

Until Kiisu.

I was trying to find images for something unrelated, I came across these incredible charcoal cat drawings by Clare Turlay Newberry, from the middle part of the last century.

Beautiful stuff that, just by looking at it, deepens my cat agogness...

(By the way, the handsome fellow pictured above is named Butch. That might be the 2nd best cat name ever.)

Download: Momus - I am a Kitten (.mp3)


As a special bonus, tying the beginning of the week to the end, I found another Ninian Hawick song when I was rooting around for the Momus track above. This one, also from the All Done with Mirrors collection from Le Grand Magistery, is a cover Ambassador 277's "The Pop-Up Man".

Download: Ninian Hawick - The Pop-Up Man (.mp3)

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