Thursday, October 9, 2008

audio fest


If I were to start a band today, we'd be called The Glad It's Him and Not Me(s). Not sure why or what that means or where it came from, but there you have it.


& Secondly:

If you're a fan of pop music, you could definitely do a lot worse than downloading the wonderful, free seasonal compilations that Eardrums Music has been curating.


& Lastly:

I've done everything short of packing my overnight bag in preparation for the Third Coast International Audio Festival, which happens in Chicago (well, Evanston) this weekend. My excitement could burst any excitement-measuring device.


Much to A-'s continual dismay, I spend a good portion of my life with my ears cloaked by headphones. I keep telling myself that it's making me a better listener, but really, I think it's just making me more ravenous for sound. Unending sound.


I was planning on listing out the breakout sessions I'm thinking of attending here, but now that I look at the list again, everything looks so good that it's impossible to pick from this distance. Guess I'll have to wait to be smacked by split-second inspiration. Whatever the case, hopefully I'll be disciplined (not likely) to follow up with a report of what I learn.


Keep your eyes peeled. Or better yet, delete this blog from your RSS reader, forget everything I said, head over to Hearing Voices and cement on a pair of headphones...




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